The Rhein Report

The Rhein Report 


Powertrain and related industries are evolving faster than ever before and informed decision-making is now your most critical role.  Rhein Associates recognized this need for quality, affordable, and timely information to facilitate business and strategic planning.  

Our Rhein Report Newsletter gives you that and more.

Covering all the latest information on the powertrain and related industries from a North American manufacturer’s perspective, The Rhein Report can be a key tool in your strategic planning. Each issue reflects the insights and observations of over 40 years of diesel engine and powertrain industry experience.

Each Monthly Newsletter Issue Would Take a Market Research Group Days to Compile.

Subscribe and You Will Receive:

  • 12 monthly issues with current abstracts, statistics and  articles for the diesel engine and related markets.
  • Editorials that cover timely and important topics on a monthly basis - giving not only the facts, but thought provoking insights and speculations as well.
  • Economic Section that keeps you on top of current trends affecting your industry
  • Ethical and objective viewpoints not influenced by any company or group – we accept no advertising.
  • History, trends and a five year forecast for six diesel engine applications (on-highway, off-highway mobile, industrial stationary, gen set, marine and agriculture) and an annual two year forecast of diesel engine production and consumption by application.
  • Significant discounts on other products that extend your research budget.
  • Everything for your business planning needs– for less than the cost of two hours consulting time!

The Most Popular Newsletter in the Industry!

The Rhein Report newsletter, with its informative abstracts and insightful editorials, maintains over 98% of its subscribers annually and has grown substantially since its introduction in 1992.  

Subscribers include: company chairpersons, presidents, vice  presidents, general managers, directors, managers, supervisors and analysts in key departments (sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing).  Subscribing companies include: OEMs, product and component manufacturers, distributors/dealers, financial institutions, research/consulting organizations, as well as simple industry observers.

The Rhein Report Newsletter will:

  • Save you research time and money
  • Keep you well informed on current issues
  • Provide usable statistics & forecast data
  • Give an objective view
  • Add an expert to your staff
  • Provide valuable insights on key markets and products


The Rhein Report Newsletter

Rhein Report by e-mail

As we continually seek new ways to provide information and value to meet your changing needs, we offer The Rhein Report in MS Word or .pdf format.  E-mail is the most convenient and timely way to receive your newsletter, providing immediate access to information for internal distribution and company reports - no wasted time and no wasted paper.

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