NAFTA Diesel Production Database

NAFTA Diesel Engine Production Database 

5 Year History – 5 Year Forecast


Decision making in today's competitive environment takes strategic information based on reliable research and timely competitive intelligence. Our in-depth understanding of the commercial vehicle and diesel powertrain industry provides critical information to help you make sound business decisions. Rhein Associates uses its expertise and experience to provide accurate and affordable in-house diesel engine production databases and forecasts.


Our databases contain invaluable references and information sources for manufacturers and dealers in the diesel engine and related fields, financial institutions, consulting and research organizations. Historical data combined with current and future forecast give a more complete view of the industry - where it's been and where it's going. Plus our forecasts are continually updated and revised to keep you, the decision maker, informed.


The NAFTA Diesel Engine Database provides you with a five year history and five year forecast of production volumes and much more. Our most Popular Database Includes:



Nine Applications

 • On-Highway

- Light Duty

- Medium Duty

- Heavy Duty

• Off-Highway Mobile

• Industrial Stationary

• Gen Set

• Marine

• Agriculture

 • Automobile


Twelve Specifications Fields 

• Country 

• Manufacturer 

• Model 

• HP/KW 

• Governed RPM 

• # of Cylinders 

• Configurations 

• Aspiration 

• Displacement 

• Application 

• Bore 

• Stroke



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