The Future of Diesel Engines

In order to make important decisions in today's competitive environment, you need solid strategic information based upon reliable research and the latest industry competitive intelligence. Rhein Associates can provide this critical information to assist you in making these business decisions.

Our publications are designed with you, the client, in mind. Each report addresses specific industry or market needs and provides extensive off-the-shelf information and experienced insights. Our clients are our highest priority – call us anytime with questions relevant to the reports.The Future of Diesel Engines Group


Our NAFTA Diesel Engine Production 5 Year Forecast Book is published twice a year and includes:


  • 5 Year Unit Volume History - 5 Year Unit Volume Forecast by Application
  • Economic Indicators Showing Historical as well as an insight into your industry Direction
  • Major Overall Market Trends
  • Detailed Applications Analysis - History and Forecast
  • Eight Major Applications: On-highway (Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty), Off-highway Mobile,

 Industrial Stationary, Generator Set, Marine, and Agriculture

  • Significant Trends
  • Production Volumes
  • Knowledgeable Insights
  • Manufacture Performance
  • Horse Power Ranges
  • More Than 50 Descriptive Charts and Graphs Providing Easy to Read Data
  • Engine Manufacture Summary by Year/Application
  • One Year Review of Major Market Happenings


With The Future of Diesel Engines Forecast Book, You Get Answers to Questions Like:

  -  Who are major industry players now-and in the future?
  -  How will regulations affect my market?
  -  Where will the diesel engine be in five years?
  -  What applications are important to my business?


Our NAFTA Diesel Engine Production is the Best Value in the Industry!


Free Diesel Engine Forecast Book…..

 Get a free copy of The Future of Diesel Engines book with your purchase of the NAFTA Diesel Engine Five Year Forecast Database. The database serves as the base data for the forecast book.  The forecast book interprets the database with specific trends, logical assumptions, detailed graphs and experienced insights.