Rhein Associates, Inc. is the completion of the dream of its founder and president, Thomas A. Rhein and a reflection of  Tom’s career.  RAI has the benefit of an extensive network of independent associates and industry experts worldwide built up over 35 years of powertrain industry and over a decade of consulting experience.  This low overhead diesel engine research, consulting and information service utilizes the talents of these industry contacts eliminating the need to maintain a large, costly staff.  Tom, his staff and his associates, are an effective blend of industry, consultancy and educational experience, able to provide analyses and insights, not just data.


Why Choose RAI?


RAI is known and respected in the industry as a moral and ethical organization dedicated to providing accurate, affordable, timely and quality information.  Our target markets include diesel engine component suppliers, distributors/dealers, financial institutions and small manufacturers where value is a requirement in getting the job done.  Engine, transmission, truck and off-highway manufacturer clients find our quality data and insightful consulting extremely low priced. 

Our product cost is low with a no frills approach, our product content reflects years of insights and experience and our product timeliness results from a dedicated staff and worldwide associates focused on industry developments.  You will benefit from our marketing approach of selling at low prices to a large client base.  We beat our competition by providing the best value at the best price.




Mission Statement

    • Rhein Associates, Inc.(RAI) is a world class supplier of data, consulting and  publications that delivers our customers quality and timely information to develop and successfully implement strategic business plans and support research activities.

    • The RAI staff is both knowledgeable and motivated and includes an effective team  of worldwide associates possessing expertise in critical industries, products and services.

    • RAI is an ethical and moral business dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.  Our customers determine our success and RAI makes every effort  to maintain customer satisfaction at its highest level.