About Us

About Us:

Based in Canton, Michigan, Rhein Associates, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Tom Rhein following an extensive career in the powertrain, diesel engine and consulting business. Over the past twenty years, Rhein and Associates, Inc. has developed an effective blend of industry knowledge, consultancy, and educational experience able to provide pertinent in-depth analyses and insights, not just data.

Using a low overhead business approach, Tom and his staff provide cost-competitive vehicle and diesel engine research, consulting, data bases plus The Rhein Report monthly newsletter.

Why Choose RAI?

RAI is known, and respected in the industry as a dedicated company providing accurate, affordable, timely, and quality information. Our target markets include on and off-road vehicle and diesel engine manufacturers, component suppliers, distributors, dealers, and financial institutions.

We address the needs of smaller companies who value low cost and timely response, and also supply a complete range of data and forecast reports, publications and consultant services. Our monthly newsletter The Rhein Report provides an in-depth review of diesel engine and commercial vehicle activities to keep you abreast of industry developments.

Our products and services reflect years of insight and experience from a dedicated staff from our Canton, MI office. You benefit from our approach of selling at competitive prices across a large client base.

We welcome your input and questions and are always flexible in tailoring our services to meet your individual needs that provide customer satisfaction with value.

Our Mission Statement:

Rhein Associates, Inc. supplies the diesel engine and commercial vehicle industries with accurate and affordable market and product data bases, forecasts, management reports, and consulting services from knowledgeable industry experts dedicated to meeting your needs.

To put our commitment and experience to work for you, contact us today.